The premium sneaker group built to provide resellers and collectors with the tools and resources they need to have a competitive edge on hyped releases!


Alerts is the only resource you'll need to streamline your success as a streetwear reseller or collector at any experience level.

Release Resources

Never waste time searching outdated sources for information on hype streetwear releases, in Alerts members have access to simple yet comprehensive release guides to lead them through every exclusive drop.

Autocheckout Services

No bot, no problem! Alerts has authorized staff that run the latest and most successful bots each drop for manual users so they can have the same competitive edge bot users have going into releases.

24/7 Support

Alerts is home to the most active and friendly streetwear community in the game. Our group strives to provide an open and welcoming community where anyone can progress quickly. Onsite staff for all regions and members from all over the world will be eager to help you with anything you may need.

Insider Information

Stay in the loop, in Alerts you will have access to early product links long before stock goes live, early size variants, product information, stock numbers, and lowkey information that will give you an advantage over the competition.

Group Buys

Throughout the month Alerts members are granted the opportunity to purchase some of the successful bots and tools directly from relevant third party companies.

Much More

Alerts is always on the edge of innovation developing new features, software, and tools to help our exclusive community stay on the top of the game and consistently succeed on release days!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alerts?

Alerts is a premium group based on discord. Alerts is dedicated to providing members with the necessary tools and resources to be successful on release days.

Is the group difficult to use?

Absolutely not, Alerts is built with new users in mind. From feedback of thousands of beginners over the last 2 years we’ve created video tutorials and text walkthoughts in stages that will help new members with understanding how to navigate the group and make use of all of its resources.

What should I expect as a member?

All Alerts members can expect to be immersed into a community of experienced resellers and helpful individuals that will help them gain access to knowledge they need to be successful.

How do Alerts memberships work?

Alerts memberships are based on a monthly renewal system. Once a member signs into our website they’ll gain access to their dashboard where they can join the Alerts discord server, manage their memberships, and view important information on member status.


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