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Receive complete release guidance for every exclusive drop! Resell predictions, site lists, queue bypass guide, bot setup advice, and many more resources.

Slots / Carts

At alerts, you will be able to redeem free slots and Adidas carts for hype releases, ensuring members have the best chances to cop.


Becoming a member of Alerts will instantly place you in the most active and friendly sneaker communites out. our staff/members from all over the world will be eager to help you take your game to the next level

Early Links / Info

Get in the loop, get access to product links and size variants before stock is even live.

Group Buys

Get the chance to purchase some of the best bots and tools with Alerts exclusive group buys.

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Alerts is always on the edge of innovation developing new features and tools to help our users succeed

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Nike Sneakers Day (EU)

During Sneakrs Day (EU) Alerts users were able to clean up pairs on the limited Nike restocks!


Supreme San Francisco Box Logo

Leading up to the seemingly “surprise/shock drop” style release of the Supreme SF Box Logo Alerts members were well informed and were anticipating the release while others scrambled for links and information.


Shattered Backboards

Alerts members were prepped with loads of insider information for this release long before it happen allowing them to secure over 125 pairs online during release day!


Travis Scott Success

Just like past Travis Scott releases Alerts members were well informed about every early drop, SNKRS Pass, online website, with the fastest notifications and best resources were able to secure nearly 100 pairs!


Sacai x Nike LDV Waffles

Alerts members were able to secure over 125 pairs of Sacai x Nike LDV Waffles on the initial release!


Summer 2019

Over 100 total Off White x Air Force 1 MCAs were successfully copped by Alerts users over all 3 official releases durning the summer of 2019!


Travis Scott Low Drop

Alerts users secured over 75 pairs of the Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott’s!


Yeezy Day 2019

Over 150 products were secured by members of Alerts. Profits from this drop totaled over $75,000!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alerts?

Alerts is a premium group based on discord that is dedicated to helping it's members secure hyped items for retail. Alerts service provides the best resources and most advanced tools ensuring all users are more perpared than ever going into releases.

Is Alerts difficult to use?

Alerts is very welcoming to new users with resources like Alerts official tutorial videos, one on one support from our team, and peer assistance from exprienced Alerts users; New users will typically can get the hang of things within their first day!

What Should I Expect As A Member?

All Alerts member can expect to be immersed into a community of experienced resellers and helpful individuals, gain access to the best insider knowledge and copping strategies, access to the best monitors and product information available, and much more.

How Do Alerts Memberships Work?

Alerts memberships are based on a monthly renewal system. Once a membership is activated the user will gain access their personal dashboard where they user can join the Alerts discord server, update/change membership payment information, unbind their license key (for selling their membership), and cancel their memberships.


"Helping me pay my tuition off @CookAlerts"

@Nexgenhype, discord.


"Thanks, I’ve only been in Alerts for a month and cooked 12 Yeezys from yeezy day and Satin Black Toes today"

@Anon, discord.


"One of the better groups i've been in"

@asylums17, twitter.


"I’ve been in 3 cook groups so far and I’ve gotta say I like yours has the most organized info. The calendar is super nice."

@Anon, discord.


"[redacted] Btw LOVE alerts. Such a solid group and great info for drops/releases! Best page monitor group ive been part of!"

@Anon, discord.


"Really though, I've been part of 3 other group, won't name them. This is the best. Hands down."

@Anon, discord.


"@Creedo thank you! [redacted]. Every since I joined this group my SNKRS chances increased. Got 2/2 since I joined.

@Anon, discord.


"Would just like to thank everyone [redacted names] for leadup to drops, [redacted] im so overwhelmed by how successful I was. First week with the group and i've managed to pick up $3000(AUD) during thee MCA/Black Reflective drops"

@ChazlaHD, twitter.


"Thank you, the support you guys give was actually crazy, no one else can do it like you guys"

@Anon, discord.